Safety Videos

The CCSA shares a number of video resources to help employers with workplace and safety questions.


WorkSafe BC: Point of Care Risk Assessments in Long Term Care



SafeCare BC: Front line care workers on violence prevention




What is the relationship between Mental Illness and Mental Health? 


From WorkSafeBC

Hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of infectious disease. Poor hand hygiene means that what happens at work doesn't always stay at work. This video is about more than just your health; it's about your family's health.


An oldie but a goodie! DONALD DUCK: How To Have An Accident At Work (1959)




Global 16x9 and the Toronto Star's Code White investigation - "Nurses being battered and bruised while on the job"



New! Napo film - "Napo in When stress strikes - episode 004 - No respect" (European Agency for Safety and Health at Work)

Promote respect in the workplace like Napo does!


You are not alone. Directed by Roger Maunder 

A mental health awareness video created by Amelia Curran and friends.  

Every week 500,000 Canadians will miss work due to a mental health issue.



Napo film - "When stress strikes" (European Agency for Safety and Health at Work)

Napo films are an ideal way to spread the basic principles of occupational safety and health (OSH) in an engaging and informal way. The films do not provide in-depth training on OSH, but they do provide an alternative, light-hearted approach to improving awareness of OSH.

All films in the series are language free, so can be understood by anyone regardless of their age, country or culture. Napo, the main character, is also easily identified with because of his neutral and likeable personality. He is symbolic of any employee working in any industry or sector.

The Napo film addresses several psychosocial risks in the workplace, demonstrating how an employee may be affected and react to them. As in all films in the series, Napo helps identify workplace risks, and offers practical solutions and suggestions for improvement.

You can find out more about Napo and download Napo Stress and other Napo films from the Napo film website.




WorkSafe BC - Health Care Injuries: Worse than you think

This video is an amusing look at the serious reality of injuries to BC's health care workers.



The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)  Proper Hand Washing Video

Click here to visit the CCOHS Proper Hand Washing video on YouTube for more information and to access a free poster on how to properly wash your hands.




Prevent-It.ca has launched a hard-hitting campaign to raise awareness about occupational health and safety. The campaign includes provocative television ads that depict "accidents" and talk about how they could have been prevented. The ads are graphic and disturbing but the message is simple. The ads are designed to get people talking about the importance of workplace safety and to help change the mindset that says workplace injuries and illnesses are inevitable and acceptable. The only acceptable number of workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities is zero.

Visit Prevent-It.ca to see more videos and to learn more about this initiative.





Check out this great video,  "The Health Care Safety Dance" as performed by the staff of Heritage Village in Chilliwack BC. 
Good job Heritage Village!!

Click here to read some background about how this video came to be and how it received two awards for the effort at the Excellence in B.C. Health Care Awards. (Story from By Paul J. Henderson, The Chilliwack Times July 17, 2012)