TTT Recertification

In accordance with other CCSA programming, the new Train-the-Trainer program will now require re-certification every three years.  Recertification would require participants to attend a full-day TTT recertification course.

Recertification Process:

  • The first half of the course is spent reviewing workshop updates, discussing potential barriers, frequently asked questions and problems that may have been encountered when delivering the workshops.
  • The second half of the course is performance task based to assess whether trainers have acquired and improved upon the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively deliver the workshop; trainers are required to achieve a minimum grade on the performance task/tasks.
    • For example: for SRH, trainers would need to correctly model/demonstrate each SRH technique, appropriately coach participants (spot errors, provide feedback, etc.), identify how to accommodate techniques based on personal limitations of staff and adapt the techniques based on resident characteristics or the work environment/organization.
    • The rubric/rubrics used to grade the performance task/tasks would be similar to the one used during the TTT course, so would not be new to the trainers, except the recertification course would require participants to achieve a minimum grade on the completion of the performance task in order to ‘pass’ the recertification course & become recertified.

The new system will allow the CCSA to make sure that participants are informed of any changes made to the program materials.

Important note for past TTT participants: TTT materials and resources will continue to be made available online to participants who attended TTT courses prior to 2016 until the end of 2017, however after that time, participants will be required to attend the newly structured TTT courses in order to certify and access TTT materials.