Train-the-Trainer Info & Courses

Why changes were made to the Train –the-Trainer Program

The CCSA recognizes the high value that organizations place on their training dollars, so to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money, the CCSA has restructured all of its Train-the-Trainer programs to reflect current best practice and to be in line with other certifying partners and Safety Associations. Best practices are continuously changing in the industry and to keep pace with those changes the CCSA commits to updating its programs on a regular basis.  Changes to the Train-the-Trainer program were made to ensure that participants get access to the most up-to-date best practices and training materials available.  Not only will the revised program allow for participants to access the most current materials but it will also provide trainers with the confidence needed to deliver the course material to their peers.   The revised program gives trainers more time to explore course content and more hands-on time with program materials.

What changes were made to the Train-the-Trainer Program

  • Participants must take the corresponding workshop as a prerequisite to the TTT course
  • Participants must review the prerequisite workshop content prior to the TTT course to ensure they come to the TTT course with the baseline workshop content knowledge
  • The length of the TTT courses have changed to accommodate more hands-on-practice
  • Each TTT course now includes knowledge and competency based exams; participants must achieve a passing grade in order to successfully complete the course
  • Each TTT course now includes performance-based learning activities designed to prepare TTT participants to effectively facilitate the workshop
  • All TTT courses include online access to the workshop materials upon successful completion of the TTT course and notification when new materials are available
  • Recertification every 3 years, one-day course designed to update TTT participants on improved or new  workshop materials and performance-based learning activities designed to support & assess TTT participant’s ability to facilitate the workshop 

Important note for past TTT participants: TTT materials and resources will continue to be made available online to participants who attended TTT courses prior to 2016 until the end of 2017, however after that time, participants will be required to attend the newly structured TTT courses in order to certify and access TTT materials. 

Train-the-Trainer materials for participants who attended Train-the-Trainer workshops prior to 2016 will be expiring August 31, 2017.  (This does not affect those who took the training in 2016 & 2017. However, if you would like to continue to access older materials (pre-2016) online after the August 31 expiration date, please contact the CCSA to obtain a transitional username and password.  After December 31, 2017 these older materials will no longer be accessible and you will be required to recertify. 

** Please ensure the TTT Candidates page information and the Organization Readiness document have been reviewed before signing up participants for any of the TTT courses.