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Leading the Way to Safety...

Safety Leadership ProgramSafety starts at the top and a strong leadership team driving a positive and progressive safety culture is the foundation for success.

The CCSA Safety Leadership Program is designed for all levels of leadership within your organization.  Our program provides executives, middle managers and frontline supervisors with guidance, strategies and tools designed to improve awareness, safety performance and accountability throughout your organization.

Participation in the program will provide  leaders a forum to demonstrate commitment to a strong health and safety program, implement performance measures, evaluate and confirm safety commitment, minimize at-risk behaviours and positively impact organizational safety culture.

This program is rich in valuable tools, such as:

  • Strategic Planning for Safety
  • Building a Positive Safety Culture
  • Strategic Safety Communication
  • Managing Conflict using Authentic Communication
  • Building Your Infrastructure for the use of Leading Performance Indicators
  • Integrating Safety Measures into Performance Appraisals
  • Effective Time Management for Safety

The Safety Leadership Program is available in 2 delivery modes to suit every organization’s needs:


1. Classroom-based Workshops (4 x 4 hour workshops)

Description: The Safety Leadership Program is made up of 4 distinct workshops:

Each workshop is designed to provide your leaders with the tools they need start leading the way to safety!

Fees:Each workshop is $75.00/participant. Visit our "Courses"page to register.

2. Certified Safety Leadership Program  (8-12 months guided, collaborative program)

Description: The full Safety Leadership Certification program brings your leadership team together to implement change. Your team will benefit by having a CCSA Consultant available to provide guidance for up to 12 months for your site. The full program gives you and your team the hands-on experience that assures success!

Fees:Fees are dependent on size of leadership team.

Team of 1-10: $700 (includes up to 16 hours of Consultant support), plus $300 Workshop fee per participant (includes all 4 workshops)

Team of 11-20: $1400 (includes up to 32 hours Consultant support) plus $300 Workshop fee per participant (includes all 4 workshops)

*Note: There will be additional costs incurred if additional CCSA support is required beyond what the program allows for.


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Please contact the CCSA Safety Leadership team at safetyleadership@ab-ccsa.ca to learn more about the Safety Leadership Program or to discuss which mode of delivery is right for you and your team.