Return-to-Work & Disability Management

Injuries in the workplace can have a big impact on workers, employers and your entire organization.  To help our members minimize the negative impacts of such injuries, the CCSA has developed industry-specific resources to aid employers in developing or improving their return-to-work and disability management programs. 

In the Return-to-Work & Disability Management Guide, we have included processes, procedures, policies and samples reflective of best practice. Our Modified Duties Wallet Card (adapted from WCB Alberta) is a tool for workers to help plan their own return-to-work strategy.

Ensuring a return-to-work and disability management program are in place will help to get an injured worker back to engaging in the workplace sooner, which benefits the employer AND the worker. 

Modified Duties Wallet Card

For further information or questions, please contact WCB Alberta or the CCSA directly. 

Resources: (These resources have been developed in consultation with WCB Alberta, industry representatives and through supplementary research.)

Seven key principles support an employee’s successful return to work - Institute for Work & Health (IWH)

Institute for Work & Health (IWH) Creating effective return-to-work programs for workers with MSDs