Injury Reduction Program

Now, participating sites will have even more opportunity for training than ever before. The following training is now offered as part of the regular IRP Program:

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Who What When Where Why?
What is the CCSA IRP? – The CCSA’s Injury Reduction Program (IRP) provides members operating long term care and seniors’ supportive living facilities with a comprehensive program consisting of up to one year of on-site mentorship, hands-on project leadership, education and resources aimed at reducing injuries at the workplace.


Who is the IRP for? – The IRP is designed for and can accommodate any of CCSA’s members across the province - big or small, urban or rural – this program can be tailored to suit any facility’s needs. No matter the state of your safety program; whether just starting out, or having already obtained Certificate of Recognition (COR), the IRP is a worthwhile investment for any organization.


When does training occur? – Participants will have the benefit of a highly trained CCSA Educator for up to one year, depending on the facility’s requirements. The program will begin with a week-long assessment on-site at your facility followed by scheduled week-long support from a CCSA Educator. Participants will be expected to sustain the program over the long term and commit staff time to receive education, practice problem solving and participate at group planning sessions.


Where does training occur? Staff will receive both classroom and hands-on training at your facility. Several options will be available to accommodate training schedules; our Educators strive to meet your needs. CCSA Educators will provide facility leaders with formal updates after each training implementation week to determine if goals are being met, whether barriers are being encountered and to celebrate successes.

Why should my facility participate? The CCSA IRP has been proven to be very successful. Since its inception in 2010, the IRP has been implemented at facilities across Alberta and staff members have been trained in everything from Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention to Occupational Health & Safety Committee training.  Previous year’s participants have experienced an average decrease in lost time claims and disabling injury rates in excess of 50%.

Participating site testimonials:

“We would definitely recommend the program to other facilities. It is a good program and very cost effective. Employee awareness and their buy in to the program has been remarkable. We have had a couple of employees come forth very excited about becoming in house trainers.” - LTC Manager

“I am much more concerned about my back and body placement while performing my regular duties; even the things I do at home! Can’t wait for more!”  - SSL administrative staff

"I am pleased to see that most of the staff are taking part in and promoting the injury reduction program. We came from having a bad year of incidents in 2015, to very few in 2016 and none so far in 2017 (August)! Great work from the facilitator that provided us with the knowledge and great work from the staff that applied the knowledge to turn our organization back into a low incident and great place to work!" - SSL CAO

How does my facility participate? – That’s easy! Contact the CCSA for more information, or click here to be considered for IRP implementation!

**Please note that this program is in high demand throughout our industry, and that the CCSA is limited in its resources.  If demand exceeds capacity, selection criteria may be applied.

The CCSA continues working to increase the profile of effective occupational health and safety programs such as safe resident and manual material handling.  If you would like more information or are interested in being considered for inclusion in the CCSA Injury Reduction Program, please contact CCSA.