Health and Safety Program Review

The CCSA is committed to helping organizations meet legislation and improve health and safety for all workers.  We are currently scheduling Health and Safety Program reviews (HSPR) for both members and non-members. 

The CCSA Health and Safety Program review is meant to help you identify areas for improvement in your organization’s overall health and safety program and discover any gaps that may exist that could hinder compliance with OHS legislation; both existing and new legislation brought about by Bill 30.

What are others saying?

Participating in the Health and Safety Program Review has been a great asset to our organization. The feedback we received was clearly laid out and user friendly, presenting evidence and colour coding each section for ease of use.

During the assessment days, staff were very professional and worked with us to obtain the information they needed.

Overall ,the [HSPR] experience has been very beneficial and positive for us at Sherwood Care. It will enable us to be well equipped for our upcoming PIR audit, as well as maintain a high standard of safety for our staff, volunteers, residents, and anyone else who may enter our building! - Clinical Nurse Educator, Sherwood Care

** Click here for HSPR in a nutshell (one-pager) 

To request a Health and Safety Program review, please complete the CCSA Health and Safety Program Review Request Form. Upon receipt of your completed form, you will be contacted by CCSA staff to discuss dates and costs for the tailored review.  


No overnight travel required: $200.00 flat rate

No overnight travel required: $350.00 flat rate

Overnight travel required: $350.00 flat rate Overnight travel required: $500.00 flat rate


Note: This review is meant to help you improve your workplace health and safety system and determine gaps and opportunities to better meet OHS legislation; it does not address the entirety of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations and Code.