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Taking part in understanding and improving your Essential Skill levels is valuable and it can affect all parts of your life. Essential skills make up a part of each and every day in all of your surroundings. Everyone has an opportunity for Essential Skills improvement – no matter what level they may be at today. 

Some of the benefits of Improving Essential Skills:

  • You will become a quicker and better learner

  • You can be a role model to others both at work and at home

  • You improve your chances of being promoted at work

  • You may stay at a job you like longer

  • You will improve your chances of being paid more for doing a better job

  • It will build confidence and self esteem

  • You can be proud of the skills you already have as well as the ones you are improving on

  • You will be able to more easily communicate and take part in activities with family and community

  • You will think about and be safer in everything you do

  • You will be continuing to Learn.

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