Essential Skills

What are Essential Skills?

Essential Skills are those skills used by everyone every day for work, learning and life.  These skills make up the foundation upon which individuals are capable of learning other skills, and can greatly aid in enhancing an individual’s ability to adapt to change. 

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Watch a short three-minute video from The Essential Skills Group Inc. to learn more about what Essential Skills are and why they are important. Access the video: http://en.careers.essentialskillsgroup.com/?p=video


Nine essential skills have been identified:

  1. Reading text
  2. Document use
  3. Numeracy
  4. Writing
  5. Oral communication
  6. Working with others
  7. Thinking
  8. Computer use 
  9. Continuous learning

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New study finds workplace training benefits employees’ health and job performance - SRDC releases the results of the UPSKILL Health project, which was designed to explore the relationships among literacy and essential skills (LES), health, and job performance.

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