Certifying Partners

What is a Certifying Partner?

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A Certifying Partner is an association that works in partnership with the Alberta Government and provides training, reviews audits, certifies auditors, and co-signs Certificates of Recognition (CORs).

The CCSA is a Certifying Partner for Long Term Care and Senior Supportive Living facilities as well as other related industries in Alberta.  We are funded through a levy on employers’ - with industry codes of 82808 and 82800 - WCB premiums. Other Certifying Partners may operate on a fee–for–service basis. 

As a Certifying Partner, the CCSA is an organization that:

  • Promotes involvement of employers, associations, contractors, organizations and others in Partnerships in Injury Reduction
  • Assists employers with the development, implementation and evaluation of health and safety programs appropriate to their needs and provides health and safety training
  • Provides ongoing collaboration among stakeholders, including sharing of information and expertise surrounding best practices
  • Heightens awareness of the importance of workplace health and safety to employers and worker representatives
  • Monitors and disseminates government occupational health and safety legislation and policies which impact CCSA members and associate members
  • Coordinates and reviews audits for quality assurance standards and issues a Certificate of Recognition to employers whose health and safety systems meet specified standards


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