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COR Audit April 2020

COR Audit April 3, 2020


7 things you need to know now about recent changes to COR due to the COVID-19 Pandemic  CLICK HERE for full details.


Important information for 2020 COR Audits

Message from Alberta Labour and Immigtation, Partnerships in Injury Reduction 

Due to the COVID -19 Pandemic quickly evolving, normal business has been significantly impacted across Alberta and globally.  Governments are mandating unprecedented actions to slow the spread of the virus.  Subsequently, employers are limiting access only to essential services, closing and/or moving to home-based options.  There are concerns from auditors and employers who need to maintain their COR. 

 Alberta Labour and Immigration has made program decisions for the 2020 audit year. 

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Please contact CCSA for further questions at COR@ab-ccsa.ca

March COR Communication

In this issue:

  • Team Audits
  • Criteria for Determining Representative Work Site Sampling
  • Downloading a new Audit Tool

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February 2020 COR Communication

In this issue:

Information for Employers:

  • Audit Timelines
  • What are COR Audit Quality Assurance Reviews?
  • Selecting an External Auditor

Information for Internal and External Auditors:

  • Audit Quality Assurance Reminders
  • Updated Audit Tool

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February 2020 COR Communication