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Help IWH find out what works in MSD prevention

February 12, 2018
Institute for Work and Health (IWH)

Celebrate RSI Day by helping us find out what works in MSD prevention

February 28 is Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) Awareness Day. What better way to mark the day than to contribute to research that will help us learn about current workplace strategies to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)? Take our survey, and tell us what MSD prevention practices you or your workplace are currently using, what is working and what is challenging. Your answers will help shape an easy-to-use free guide that details how to manage MSDs in the workplace, being developed by a team of researchers at IWH.

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National Institute on Ageing Immunization Series

February 12. 2018
National Institute on Aging - Report

Currently in the throes of one of the worst flu seasons in recent years, the NIA released its latest report: “The Underappreciated Burden of Influenza Amongst Canada’s Older Population. And What We Need to Do About It.” 

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Are you a front-line worker experiencing burnout?

REACH Edmonton

A Self Care Starter Kit

Date: Monday February 12th 2018 12:30 pm to Monday February 12th 2018 4:00 pm
Place: Commonwealth Community Recreation Centre, Multipurpose Room 6

Working with individuals, families and communities in any capacity is rewarding work for all types of service providers, however, supporting survivors of trauma, violence and abuse comes with a host of challenges that can deplete internal resources of those in the frontline caring professions. 

This is increasingly evident as we are asked to do "more and more with less and less," which may also threaten to overwhelm coping abilities. The most important part of coping with the intensity of the work is to acknowledge its impact on mind, body and spirit. 

With this in mind, this presentation will provide an overview of: 

Compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue 

Vicarious traumatization and burnout 

The factors that contribute to these concepts 

Participants will have the opportunity to explore and share self-care strategies within a holistic framework. 


Hospital (in)security: When a nurse is attacked, others suffer, too

January 29, 2018
Montreal Gazette - Aaron Derfel

As a nurse toiling the overnight shift in the cramped emergency room of the Montreal General Hospital, Sarah has faced all manner of abuse over the years.

...A study last year by the provincial workplace safety commission, CNESST, revealed that health-care employees are subjected to more psychological and physical violence than any other profession, including law enforcement. The study also found that violence in the health sector rose by 8.3 per cent from 2012 to 2015.