United Active Living residents and staff are all winners!

The CCSA was proud to support member organization United Active Living in promoting health and safety for staff and residents alike!  Read about the fun and interactive way they highlighted the importance of health and safety for everyone at their sites! Great job everyone!


United Active Living - United Active Living celebrated the winners of our Health and Safety Contest at the end of April; we had a quiz ‘tree’ at each of our two sites, loaded with quiz questions for staff and residents. Over the course of a week, participants picked a quiz tag from the tree, answered the true/false, short answer or multiple-choice question, signed their name, and dropped the tag into a draw box.  

I am happy to say we had excellent participation, with over 100 entries at each site, and most quiz questions were answered correctly! The questions covered topics from each of our departments (representatives on each of the Health and Safety Committees submitted a minimum of 5 quiz questions from their department perspective and other questions were taken from safety in-services), so covered topics such as fire safety, fall risk management/prevention & exercise, workplace safety hazards, emergency responses, food safety, infection prevention and control, and disaster preparedness.

Gift baskets were awarded to one staff member and one resident at each site, following the draw of a correctly answered question from the submissions. We received contributions for the baskets from CCSA as well as our pharmacy and food services supplier. Recipients were delighted by the gift baskets and enjoyed this method for raising awareness of Health and Safety in our communities.