OHS and WCB Changes: Bill 30 and what it means to you

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UPDATE: December 15, 2017 Bill 30 Passed

November 30, 2017

Significant changes are coming to the Alberta OHS and WCB Acts.  Bill 30, An Act to Protect the Health and Well-being of Working Albertans, was introduced November 27, 2017 into the Alberta legislature. 

Bill 30 is meant to improve workplace health and safety and provide fair compensation and meaningful support to injured workers and their families. The changes would also ensure Alberta workers have the same rights and protections as other Canadians.

Many of the changes came into effect on January 1, 2018, with some of the more complex changes coming into effect in April and June of 2018.

Some of the principal changes that may affect continuing care operators across the province include:

  1. For employers with 20 + employees, Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees will be mandatory across all industries
  2. For employers with 20 + employees, a Health and Safety Management System with mandated elements will be mandatory across all industries.  Required elements would include:
  • OHS policy 
  • Hazard assessment 
  • Emergency response 
  • Responsibilities of work site parties 
  • Schedule and procedure for inspections 
  • Procedures to deal with OHS issues when another employer or self-employed person works on site 
  • Orientation and training 
  • Incident investigation 
  • Procedure for worker participation 
  • Review and revise program every 3 years or when conditions change 

*For those operators with a current Certificate of Recognition, it is expected that the key elements of a Health and Safety Management System are already in place.  However, this is a good opportunity to compare your last COR audit to the legislative changes. Having COR does not necessarily make you compliant to legislation.

  1. Roles and responsibilities for existing work site parties, which include employers, workers, prime contractors, and suppliers will be updated to enhance accountability.
  2. New roles and responsibilities for supervisors, owners, service providers, self-employed persons and temporary staffing agencies will be added to enhance accountability.
  3. Under the WCB Act, the maximum insurable earnings cap of $98,700 will be removed
  4. Under the WCB Act, employers will be obligated to return injured workers to work and actively engage those workers in any return-to-work planning.  Employers will also have a duty to accommodate consistent with the Alberta Human Rights Act

The CCSA is committed to helping organizations meet legislation and improve health and safety for all workers.  We are scheduling baseline OHS assessments to help you address any gaps you may have in complying with Bill 30.   

*Priority will be given to those operators who do not currently hold COR and who may not have a robust heatlh and safety management system. 

Please complete the CCSA OHS Baseline Assessment Request Form. Upon receipt of your completed form, you will be contacted by CCSA staff to discuss dates and costs for assessments.    

Read the announcement from Alberta Government here.