Gift Basket Winner!

January 7, 2019 

Congratulations to the team at Extendicare Cedars Villa for winning the draw for the CCSA OHS initiatives contest gift basket! 

Cedars Villa shared with us some of the ways they encourage staff to think about safety on the job.  These include running “Spill Contests” where for every spill staff wipe up, they are entered to win one of 3 prizes, Safety Wellness Bulletins are sent out every month, which often include engaging and fun safety trivia, quizzes, etc. and a Safety Robot that identifies hazards in the building (we definitely want to know more about this!)

The response from our members was terrific and we learned of some really fantastic ideas to promote safety in the workplace. Some of these ideas include safety-related contests, quizzes, scavenger hunts with prizes like cash, safety swag, gift cards and publicly acknowledging safety stars in newsletters, OHS boards, etc.  One organization even included a resident in OHS meetings and walkabouts which they found to be a great reminder for why safety is important for staff and the residents they care for (we love this!). The common thread in all of the entries is to ensure staff are included in safety as much as possible. 

Even though the contest is over you can still let us know how you encourage safety in the workplace! Email us at communications@ab-ccsa.ca to share what works at your workplace.