AB Gov: Reporting and investigating Potentially Serious Incidents (PSI)

April 17, 2019
AB Gov Bulletin


The types of incidents and injuries reportable to government are: 1) serious injury or incident, 2) incident at a mine or mine site, and 3) potentially serious incidents (PSI). 

It is the responsibility of the prime contractor, or if there isn’t one, the employer of the work site to report the PSI to the Director of Inspections.

Access the bulletin at https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/1eaf5e61-cf1e-497f-8c2e-1a133d817f46/resource/0351ef24-fdd0-4a2a-bb1c-256ec11fee3a/download/reporting-and-investigating-potential-serious-incidentsli016-1.pdf