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Mental Health and Wellness In-service

In-Service Length: 30 minutes

Prerequisite(s): It is recommended that Managers and Supervisors attend training before frontline staff.  If you have any questions, please contact the CCSA.

Maximum: 20 participants/session

*This in-service can be delivered onsite at your facility. Please contact the CCSA to make arrangements.


MEMBER $200.00/day + $1.00/handout
MEMBER (requiring overnight travel) $350.00/day + $1.00/handout
NON-MEMBER $350.00/day + $1.00/handout
NON-MEMBER (requiring overnight travel) $500.00/day + $1.00//handout


**Receipt of payment is required prior to participation in any CCSA course.

In-service Description

Staff throughout the continuing care industry are exposed to a number of situations that may cause mental health and wellness concerns - either in an acute fashion or cumulative over time.  Employers’ abilities to proactively address these concerns are important for maintaining a healthy and productive workforce. The Mental Health and Wellness In-Service is designed to promote awareness of mental health and wellness in the workplace and provide participants with some examples of supports and tools that may be available through their employer or in their community. This training can also help organizations who are endeavouring to meet the CSA standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. 

This engaging and interactive in-service challenges participants to consider what is meant by good mental health, what mental health concerns may look like in the workplace and how to respond to those concerns.  This In-Service is recommended for all staff.

Some of what participants who attend the Mental Health and Wellness In-Service will learn will includes how to:

  • Define what is good mental health
  • Describe the differences between life stressors and work-related stressors
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of mental health concerns in themselves and others
  • Identify proactive mental health strategies
  • Access supports and resources to deal with mental health concerns

Scheduled Courses:

    If you do not see the course you are interested in scheduled, please contact the CCSA to request training.