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Safety Leadership Workshop III: Driving Safety Accountability

Workshop Length: 1/2 Day

Prerequisite(s): None

Cost: $ 75 for members 

**Please note that pre-registration and receipt of payment are required prior to participation in any CCSA course.

Workshop Description

Accountability is an integral component of an effective internal responsibility system.  To make safety a reality in our workplaces, every leader must not only drive accountability throughout the organizational structure, but each must also remain accountable for his or her safety responsibilities.  It’s no secret: leaders have more safety responsibilities than anyone else in the organization and leadership’s safety activities can significantly enhance overall performance. 

In this theory-based workshop, executives, middle managers and frontline supervisors will examine the use of leading indicators as measures of safety performance.  Leaders will learn how to create an effective system for the implementation of leading activities such as the introduction of safety walkabouts and safety talks.  Participants will review topics such as the creation of a safety performance baseline, establishing achievable safety targets, building infrastructure for the use of leading performance indicators, integrating performance measures into appraisals, performance management and coaching for safety.  The tools within this workshop are designed for immediate application to workplaces aiming to effectively drive safety accountability.

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