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Safety Leadership Workshop I: Introduction to Health and Safety Leadership

Workshop Length: 1/2 Day

Prerequisite(s): None

Cost: $ 75 for members

**Please note that pre-registration and receipt of payment are required prior to participation in any CCSA course.

Workshop Description

Effective leadership is an essential component of every health and safety program.  Organizational executive leaders, middle managers and frontline supervisors will examine tangible methods of demonstrating leadership commitment to the foundation of their health and safety management system. The following topics will be discussed: integrating safety into strategic plans, building positive safety cultures, strategic communication for safety, change management, and the progressive health and safety disciplinary policy. 

Course participants will explore the merits and methods of ‘doing more’ in terms of creating and managing a health and safety program within organizations, facilities and departments.  This workshop is designed not only to provide the theory behind each leadership-based concept, but also to allow leaders to apply the material and tools in a practical sense when they get back to individual work environments. 

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