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Incident Investigation Workshop

Workshop length: half day

Who should take this course: Managers, supervisors or joint work site health and safety committee members or health and safety representatives who are leading investigations.

Prerequisites: none

Mode of delivery: Classroom


MEMBER $50.00/participant
NON-MEMBER $75.00/participant + travel expenses as required


**Please note that pre-registration and receipt of payment are required prior to participation in any CCSA course.

Workshop description: Incident investigations are a critical part of the continuous improvement process. Investigating incidents with loss or a potential of loss creates a proactive situation where an undesirable event becomes a learning experience to prevent recurrence. The course focuses on identifying the root causes of incidents to enact systems changes to prevent hazards from arising repeatedly.

Expected outcomes:

  • Understand how incident investigations fit into the safety program.
  • Describe an effective incident investigation program and its benefits.
  • Conduct an effective incident investigation.
  • Identify the direct, indirect and root causes of incidents using the information gathered.
  • Recommend corrective actions to prevent recurrence.
  • Compile an incident investigation report.
  • Explain the importance of analyzing incident statistics and trends to assist and direct investigations.


Use theoretical and real examples to go through the investigation process and complete a root cause analysis of an incident.

CRSP Technical Hours: N/A

*Want more guidance in determining Root Cause after completing the Incident Investigation Workshop? You can get that by registering for the Root Cause Analysis In-service.


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Date Location Tickets
Nov 5, 2019 Edmonton, AB Eventbrite - Incident Investigation Workshop
Nov 25, 2019 Edmonton, AB Eventbrite - Incident Investigation Workshop
Dec 12, 2019 Edmonton, AB Eventbrite - Incident Investigation Workshop