Overview Webinar

Employers, are you experiencing recurring incidents despite exhaustive training efforts? Are your staff not following company safety policies and procedures as consistently as you would like?  Low essential skills might be the key.  In this webinar you will examine what essential skills are and why they are becoming increasingly important to the overall success and health and safety of the workplace.

Summary and Review of Essential Skills – Part 1

Enjoyed the overview webinar, but still want to know more? Summary and Review of Essential Skills - Part 1 looks at the 9 essential skills and examines how these skills are measured.  This webinar will give employers a more comprehensive understanding of what complexity levels are and the many factors included in determining the various levels. 

Note: This webinar contains some interactive activities to fully participate in these activities you will need a deck of cards and a note pad. 

Summary and Review of Essential Skills – Part 2

As a follow up to Part 1, Part 2 leads employers through the Summary and Review of the 9 Essential Skills document.  This webinar further explores how each of the 9 essential skills are defined and how each of the complexity levels within that skill are determined.

Note: Since this webinar highlights several aspects within the Summary and Review of the 9 Essential Skills document we recommend that you print a copy of the document so that you can follow along and make notes, if necessary, during the webinar. 

Essential Skills Testing in the Workplace

“Why would I need to test for essential skills when my employees have a certificate, shouldn’t they have learned those in school?”  This webinar will provide answers to the above question for employers as well as examines the importance, benefits and opportunities for essential skills in the workplace.  Employers will be directed to resources for testing and employee development on the CCSA’s website. 

Job Profiles in the Workplace

Do you already use job profiles in your organization?  Whether or not your organization already uses job profiles, this webinar discusses how and why an employer could successfully integrate job profiles into the workplace using resources created by the CCSA.   This webinar will walk you through a job profile to identify key essential skills aspects within the profile that will be important to their successful use in the workplace for both you and your employee.

Action Planning

Does incorporating essential skills into the workplace seem like an overwhelming task? Not sure where to start?   Built on the successes of other organizations this webinar will walk you or employers through an 8 step Action Plan for implementing essential skills programs into the workplace.  In addition, the webinar explores the benefits of such an undertaking for both you the employer, and your employees.

Engaging Employees

Engaging employees is often a difficult task for employers regardless of what the task is; so how do you engage and maintain your employees’ interest in developing their workplace essential skills? This webinar examines both the barriers and engagement strategies you, as employers, can use to engage your employees.

Employee Benefits

Have you been hearing your employer talking about the need for essential skills?  What to know what essential skills are and the benefits of improving your essential skills for your work, learning and life, watch the following webinar.