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Incident Investigation Workshop

Workshop length: 1/2 Day

Prerequisite(s): None

Cost: $50.00 for members / $75.00 for non-members

**Please note that pre-registration and receipt of payment are required prior to participation in any CCSA course.

Workshop Description

Training in Incident Investigation is beneficial to employees at all organizational levels, as it aides in the future reduction of workplace injuries and incidents by assessing root cause when all attempts at hazard assessment and control have failed to prevent an incident.

Participants receive classroom-based instruction on the proper ways to assess the root cause of incidents and to prevent incidents from reoccurring. Throughout the workshop, participants will be challenged to think analytically and abstractly regarding the investigation of incidents in the workplace with a focus on reducing (or eliminating) the potential for reoccurrences of incidents and for the overall prevention of workplace incidents in general.

*Want more guidance in determining Root Cause after completing the Incident Investigation Workshop? You can get that by registering for the Root Cause Analysis In-service.


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Date Location Tickets
October 20, 2017 Calgary, AB Registration Full
October 26, 2017 Medicine Hat, AB Registration Full
February 1, 2018 Edmonton, AB Eventbrite - Incident Investigation Workshop
February 8, 2018  Calgary, AB Eventbrite - Incident Investigation Workshop